The story of a watermelon seed, hand in the crack, paper in the ear, and school nurses…

28 Feb

You may not know this but a watermelon seed, hand in a crack, and paper inside the ear really does have something in common. They all have been part of the “adventure” that my 6 year old has been on. You see she really does love adventure. She is so light hearted and I learn so much from her but not as much as I need to. I wish I could see the world through her eyes. I wish I could laugh instead of flip out. I wish that I could smile through tears the way that she does. People are always telling me that Olivia is blessed to have us but the truth is WE are the ones blessed by Olivia. I had said in the last post that Olivia said “she was on adventure” but what I haven’t said is once we got her that “adventure” has never truly ended. So let me tell you how a watermelon seed, hand in a crack, and paper inside the ear really do have something in common…

My husband and I were first time foster parents. We were on pins and needles every time Olivia got a bump or scratch, and trust me she is a rough child so they were lots of bruises and scratches, most unexplainable lol. She is clumsy so that could have been the reason. About one month after she moved in my husband had to take her to the doctor. The doctor did all the routine things by weighing her, checking her breathing, and then checked her ears. Much to my husband’s surprise (and later mine) the doctor discovered Olivia had a watermelon seed inside her ear. He had to use tiny tools and dig it out. Olivia never remembered putting that inside her ear lol. But it is a funny memory now. At the time we panicked thinking that the department of children services was going to think that it happened at our home and that we were not supervising her. I made sure I let them know (1) it is March, way before watermelon season and (2) we don’t eat watermelon. To this day we still haven’t a clue how long that seed had been in her ear.

I must state that I get a lot of calls from the school health assistant. It’s never because of my kids are running a fever or sick. It’s always something totally off the wall. This particular day I received a call because Olivia and her fascination with doing silly or “adventurous” things. You know most of us would see a crack in the wall, in between the door and hinges, and other places and we never think a thing about them. Well not my Livy. This day Olivia saw a small crack in between the door and hinges in the bathroom at school. She decided it would be a good idea to see if her hand fit. Why? Who knows, it is Olivia. The school had to Vaseline her hand to get it out because once she got it in there it wouldn’t come out. Her principal called and was really nervous that I was going to accuse the school of not watching her. I quickly explained I didn’t blame them. It sounded just like something Olivia would do. I just decided this was one of those imperfect moments and I was just going to choose to laugh it off. The principal explained that she could move her fingers but that her hand was likely to bruise. The principal stated “Mrs. Campbell, we do appreciate Olivia’s curiosity but if you could encourage her to do it in a less dangerous manner we would appreciate that”. It took a couple of administrative staff to get her hand out. Luckily her hand didn’t bruise after all. Later that day when I picked Olivia up from daycare we had a long talk about curiosity and not doing silly stuff.

Well every so often we have these kinds of moments. Today is another one of these moments. This time the school health assistant called to let me know Livy had a piece of paper stuck back inside her ear. Olivia was sitting in class, tore off a piece of paper, and just stuck it in her ear. The health assistant explained she could see if but was unable to remove it due to state laws. I am assuming because of liability should something happen. To me that is crazy that society is so lawsuit happy that schools have so many rules preventing them from disciplining and treating minor medical emergencies these days but that is a rant for another day lol! But she advised me I would have to come down and get it out. So of course I was upset because I had to leave work to go pull a piece of paper out of her ear. I found no humor in this. I got there and was barely able to see it. I am glad it wasn’t any further. I used tweezers and pulled the piece of paper out. She was fine and I was lecturing her on how much trouble she was going to be in because I had to leave work for such a crazy stunt she pulled. Then I looked at her sad face. I got down to her eye level. I gave her a big hug and told her how much I loved her, even when she did silly stuff. I did however still intend on taking about the iPad, TV, etc. away for a week. But on my drive back to work I was able to relax and laugh. Really is it such a big deal? Does she really need punished? Or is the embarrassment (which she probably doesn’t have) punishment enough?

I realized when I stop to think about these things they have one thing in common…Olivia’s personality. It’s just who she is. She is silly, goofy, curious, loveable, laughable, just plain silly. She doesn’t mean harm by doing these things. Maybe I am still learning through her. But she is teaching me to R-E-L-A-X, just laugh, blog, and go on with life until the next silly thing….

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

― Dr. Seuss



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